Show Your Best Smile with Damon Braces

Damon Braces represent a significant advance in orthodontic comfort and effectiveness. As a self-ligating system, Damon Braces eliminate the need for elastic ties, allowing the wires to move freely. This innovation reduces the friction and pressure that traditional braces may apply, positioning the Damon system as a more comfortable and efficient option for patients seeking teeth braces.

Experience the next generation of smile

Begin a more comfortable orthodontic journey with Damon Braces Singapore, opting for a virtually invisible solution that preserves your confidence. Designed with clear materials, they provide efficient tooth alignment without the conspicuous presence of metal brackets and wires.

Why Choose Damon Braces Singapore?

Choosing the right teeth braces can be a challenge, but at Alfred Cheng Orthodontic Clinic, we ensure that opting for Damon Braces in Singapore is a choice you can make with confidence. With Damon Braces, you can look forward to a host of benefits:

Faster Treatment Times:

The advanced technology of Damon Braces often results in faster treatment times compared to traditional braces.

Comfortable Orthodontic Experience:

With no need for tightening and less pressure on your teeth, Damon Braces provide a more comfortable orthodontic experience.

Fewer Dental Appointments:

The efficiency of Damon Braces means fewer adjustment appointments, saving you valuable time.

Spectacular Results

Damon Braces are designed to deliver a natural, wide smile that enhances your facial aesthetics.

Why are Braces Necessary?

Braces, also known as orthodontic braces, are necessary for correcting various dental alignment issues, such as crooked teeth, overcrowding, misaligned bites (overbite, underbite, or crossbite), and other malocclusions.

Here are some reasons why braces are necessary:

Prevention of Jaw Disorders
Misaligned bites can cause uneven wear on the teeth and strain on the jaw joints, potentially leading to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. Braces can correct these issues, reducing the risk of jaw pain and discomfort.
Improvement of Self-Esteem
Having straight teeth and an attractive smile can boost self-confidence and improve overall self-esteem. Braces help to correct dental imperfections, enhancing the appearance of the smile and contributing to a positive self-image.
Prevention of Speech Problems
Misaligned teeth or jaw problems can sometimes lead to speech difficulties. By aligning the teeth and jaws properly, braces can help improve speech clarity and pronunciation.
Long-Term Dental Health
Investing in orthodontic treatment with braces can have long-term benefits for dental health, reducing the need for costly and invasive dental procedures later in life.
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Eliminates the need for elastic ties, allowing wires to move freely.


Minimizes friction and pressure, enhancing patient comfort.

Efficient Treatment

otentially reduces overall treatment time.

Features of Damon Brace

Easy Maintenance

Damon Clear offers clear brackets for a subtle look.

Fewer Adjustments

Requires less frequent tightening appointments.

Facial Harmony

Designed to improve overall facial aesthetics and smile.

Your Journey with Damon Braces


Every smile starts with a one-on-one consultation. Our Damon Braces specialists will assess your needs and outline the path to your perfect smile.


Leveraging the latest in dental technology, we tailor a treatment plan with Damon Braces that's as unique as your smile.


From the moment you begin your treatment, we ensure every visit to our clinic in Singapore is met with expert care and guidance.


When your Damon Braces journey is complete, you'll not only leave with a stunning smile but also with the confidence that comes from knowing you received care from the best in the business.


We equip you with the knowledge and tools to maintain your new smile long after the braces come off.

Tailored Treatment Plans with Damon Braces

At Alfred Cheng Orthodontic Clinic, each Damon Braces treatment plan is custom-made. We understand that every smile is unique, and so are the orthodontic needs. Our dedicated specialists in Damon Braces Singapore use advanced diagnostic tools to craft personalised treatment journeys that ensure optimal results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Damon Braces are a type of self-ligating orthodontic system designed to straighten teeth and correct bite issues. They utilise a unique sliding mechanism that reduces friction and allows for more comfortable tooth movement compared to traditional braces.

Damon Braces uses a passive self-ligation system that eliminates the need for elastic or metal ties. Instead, the brackets have a sliding mechanism that holds the archwire in place, allowing for more efficient and gentle tooth movement. This technology typically results in fewer office visits and shorter treatment times compared to traditional braces.

Yes, many patients find Damon Braces to be more comfortable than traditional braces. The absence of elastic or metal ties reduces friction and pressure on the teeth and gums, leading to less discomfort and irritation. Additionally, Damon Braces often require fewer adjustments, resulting in a smoother treatment experience.

The length of treatment with Damon Braces varies depending on the individual’s orthodontic needs. However, many patients experience shorter treatment times compared to traditional braces due to the efficient tooth movement facilitated by the self-ligating system. On average, treatment with Damon Braces can range from 12 to 24 months.

Yes, Damon Braces can be used to correct a wide range of orthodontic issues, including overcrowding, misaligned teeth, and bite problems such as overbite, underbite, and crossbite. However, the suitability of Damon Braces for severe cases may vary depending on the specific needs of the patient. Your orthodontist will assess your individual case and recommend the most appropriate treatment option.

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