Damon braces

Damon braces represent a significant advance in orthodontic comfort and effectiveness. They’re a self-ligating system, which means they use a slide mechanism that holds the wire, allowing it to move freely. This technology reduces the friction and pressure that traditional braces may apply, making the Damon system a more comfortable option for patients.

Experience the next generation of smile

Embrace a more comfortable orthodontic journey with Damon Braces, the virtually invisible solution that won’t compromise your confidence. Crafted with clear materials, they offer the same efficient tooth alignment without the appearance of metal brackets and wires.


Eliminates the need for elastic ties, allowing wires to move freely.


Minimizes friction and pressure, enhancing patient comfort.

Efficient Treatment

otentially reduces overall treatment time.

Features of Damon Brace

Easy Maintenance

Damon Clear offers clear brackets for a subtle look.

Fewer Adjustments

Requires less frequent tightening appointments.

Facial Harmony

Designed to improve overall facial aesthetics and smile.

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